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The Beginnings

Hello! My name is Fabio Galvez and I am from Zaragoza (Spain). My start with photography date back to 2012. Exactly at the moment when, for the first time, I acquired a reflex. Well, really I had worked a lot with compact cameras but it was not until I discovered the possibilities of the manual mode when I completely changed the idea and the way I had to conceive this hobby.


At the beginning my training was completely self-taught through what I read on the internet, books and magazines. Soon, as this was not enough, I decided to enroll in the Diaporama Technical Photography School in Zaragoza, to complete a formative stage of almost one year. I completed this learning phase with some more technical workshops to strengthen the weakest learning areas. Later I developed another self-taught stage, putting into practice everything I had learned, taking many photos and then I finished maturing my work technique and methodology. Nearly, all of the photos I show on this website are from this last period of time.

About my work

During this path, I have worked almost all styles of photography although, above all, I have focused on landscape photography; both natural and urban environment. For many reasons it is the discipline that I like most and the one that gave me the best moments. It has also allowed me to achieve gold medals or first places in some of the most prestigious photography competitions in the world such as Glanzlichter (2019), Px3 Paris (2019) or Trierenberg Super Circuit (2018).

To finish this Bio I want to thank you for your visit. For any questions, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to hear from you.


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